Monday, April 18, 2011

Pre-Flight Checklist

I've done checklists before. Enough times to know that I might not get everything on this list finished. But that isn't going to stop me at all. A few of my friends started a list of things to do before we return to the states. I slimmed down the list that we made together down to the things that I really want to do. I'm going to start trying to take things off this list as soon as possible.

Here's to experiencing Israel before I go home!

1. Beach Weekend in Haifa/Eilat

2. Camping/hiking somewhere up North

3. Israeli food-themed potluck Shabbat dinner

4. Group ride on the light rail

5. Museum on the Seam

6. Biblical Zoo

7. Caesaria

8. Wine tasting somewhere

9. Full Day Ein Gedi Hike

10. Attend Israeli Soccer Match

11. Visit Tzfat.

12. Play Shoots and Ladders on the board in the park on Azza

13. See Hadag Nahash perform

14. Bike/Hike trials around Jerusalem

15. Walk Via Dolorosa

16. Day Trip to Abu Ghosh

17. Latrun

18. Tel Aviv Museums: Diaspora and Rabin

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