Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost There

Well, well, well. I have realized that I was a little ambitious in my to do list before I go to Israel. Some of the books I wanted to read are just not going to get done. It's a good thing they were only recommended reading for before school starts. The important thing is that with only 5 days until I leave for Israel, the important things are getting checked off the list. Here is how the list looks right now.

Here is what is still left to do along with some of the things I have taken care of since the last time I was working on this.

___ Send HUC My Updated Transcript
_x_ Shop For Clothes and Things I Need
___ Send HUC my updated transcript

_x_ Buy External Hard Drive
_x_ Buy Adaptors/Converters
_x_ Gather Visa Information
___ Pack Up My Room

_x_ Pack

___ Leave

___ Apply For Visa

I packed today. There are only a few things that I need to buy to toss into the bags on the way out. I have weighed them and right now I have a few pounds of leeway to add some things. I am getting really excited to get everything started, but the problem I am running in to is that I already will miss things. I'm leaving as a bundle of mixed emotions. But as this chapter reaches its penultimate post, it is hard to understand that very soon I will be in Jerusalem. Very soon.

Lila Tov

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