Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time Goes Too Fast

Time is going way too fast for me now. Each day that goes by, I am getting more and more objectives finished on my checklist. The problem is that the more I get done, the closer I am to actually leaving. I am full of this mix of emotions. I am incredibly excited, on July 3rd I leave for Israel and on July 12th we have orientation and start classes shortly after that. It's incredible. Yet I don't want to leave.

Last night I met up with a bunch of people for a going away get together. Realizing that it will be a year until I see most of my friends again is hard to realize. It will be a year and that's going to be hard. I know it's not as if I am saying goodbye forever, but a lot can change and happen in a year, much less the coming years that I will be spending studying.

It is a big mix of emotions. Yet I've gotten quite a bit done on my list and I have still found a way to add more to it too.


This has been a busy week, this is what I've taken care of since the last time I wrote up a blog.

_x_ buy our router
_x_ try out the router
_x_ have a going away get together
_x_ Fill Out Deferment Form
_x_ Buy Israel-Arab Reader
_x_ Buy Introduction to Tanakch
_x_ Check Out Bank Options
_x_ Set Up Auto-Deposit
_x_ Buy Luggage
_x_ Notify HUC that I'm coming

Here is what is still left to do.
___ Send HUC My Updated Transcript
___ Read Back To The Sources
___ Read History of Modern Israel
___ Read Certain Chapters from the Tanakch
___ Shop For Clothes and Things I Need
___ Send HUC my updated transcript

___ Buy External Hard Drive
___ Buy Adaptors/Converters
___ Take Pictures for ID Badges
___ Gather Visa Information
___ Collect Addresses
___ Pack Up My Room

___ Pack

___ Leave

___ Apply For Visa

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