Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still Chugging Along

I haven't updated this in a while, but I realized that I have knocked off a few pieces of the to do list. The issue seems to be that I keep finding things to do. For those keeping score at home, I'm sitting at about 50 percent complete. The good news is, I don't think there is too much more that I can add to the list.

___ Send HUC my updated transcript
___ Read Back To The Sources
___ Read History of Modern Israel
___ Read Certain Chapters from the Tanakch
___ buy out router
___ have a going away get together
___ shop for clothes and things I need
___ Send HUC my updated transcript

___ Fill Out Deferment Form
___ Buy Israel-Arab Reader
___ Buy Introduction to Tanakch
___ Check Out Bank Options
___ Set Up Auto-Deposit
___ Buy Luggage
___ Buy Adaptors/Converters
___ Take Pictures for ID Badges
___ Gather Visa Information
___ Collect Addresses

___ Notify HUC that I'm coming
___ pack

___ leave

___ Apply For Visa

*Notice that I need addresses and email addresses. If you could send me your contact information that would be fantastic. If you need to get ahold of me, email me at Nelson.Brian.Thomas@gmail.com

Completed Tasks
_x_ accept the admission offer
_x_ mail in deposit
_x_ find an apartment
_x_ put a deposit on an apartment
_x_ buy plane ticket
_x_ preference campuses
_x_ mail in med. forms
_x_ apply for financial aid
_x_ accept financial aid
_x_ fix my computer
_x_ physical exam
_x_ clean up my computer
_x_ talk to the bank about being abroad for a year
_x_ glasses
_x_ remind the bank that I'm leaving for a year
_x_ prescriptions in Israel
_x_ buy a new driver's license
_x_ back up my computer
_x_ set up skype/google voice
_x_ plan a going away get together
_x_ apply for grants
_x_ figure out phone

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