Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Packing Fail

Yesterday I tried to pack a bag the first time. Needless to say it didn't go so well the first time through. THe issue is that I have this problem of wanting to be over-prepared for living in a foreign country for a year. I was trying to pack in clothing options, as well as some dressy clothes since I don't like going out or to class looking like a bum. This is a big change from high school and even college, I know. There's just something about looking like an adult that I enjoy, herein lies the rub. I can't fit it all into two bags and still have things to make my apartment feel like a home.

Possible Solutions:
Number One; pack less. After failing miserably, I went through and started skimming some things out of my bag. I probably don't need all of that Twins and Gophers gear, right? The next thing to look at was getting new undershirts and boxers so they are packed tighter. Maybe I'll tape all my shirts into bundles like the ones that come in the bag.

Number Two; bring a third bag. Ingenious! I looked on US Airways website and it appears that the first two bags I bring are free. Completely free! If I want to bring a third bag, it will cost $100 to bring another 50lbs of stuff with me. I need think about that one. It may get a bit pricey to do it that way.

Now that I have that situation a little under control, it's back to worrying about real issues like pictures for my Visa and seeing friends.

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  1. There is NEVER enough Gopher gear. We are going to be so obviously Minnesota people haha.