Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Israelis don't know anything about Chinese food, or so that was what I have been told. Until I tried this new place that opened a short walk from my apartment, I would have agreed with you. If you're an American in Israel looking for your fix, come down Derech Azza to eat at Beijing.

The restaurant is still very new, so the servers still feel like they're smoothing out some of the bumps. I would also not recommend going on a Saturday night, after Shabbat because it takes a while for the chefs to get their cooking into high gear. Other than that the place was great!

The first thing I had was a meat, egg-roll. Very tasty. A good crispy crust that flaked apart just the way I wanted it to. Good overall mixture of all of the ingredients, although I couldn't tell you what they actually were. I added some of the sweet and sour sauce they had on the table too, not too shabby.

For a meal, I got the Beijing Chop Suey. I ordered it without the beef. When it arrived, the chef had accidentally added some too it. Yea for surprises! It was a little spicy and it was great to have an asian spice as opposed to the Mediterranean stuff that I've been having for the last three months. Well cooked noodles and a good sauce made the whole meal really solid.

If I wanted to, I probably could have saved some more of it for another day, but I was on the hungry side. Very filling, very tasty. I've satisfied my craving for asian food for a while now, and at least I know a place that is really good.

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