Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Father Was A Wandering Aramean

To anyone who has been at a Passover Seder, this phrase should sound familiar. It is a piece of text that we read every year. The image is supposed to help us think about all of the travels and wanderings that the Torah describes our ancestors taking part in. Sometimes I want to join them.

I grew up camping a decent number of times with my family and as a part of my wonderful teenage rebellion decided that I was too cool to keep doing that. That was not the best decision I’ve made and I’m realizing that I really want to get out into the wilderness a little bit.

I’m writing this while riding the bus towards our tiyyul to the north of Israel. As we are passing through the desert, I’m not sure which one, I can see the hills of Jordan off to one side and all I can think about is how cool it would be to wander off into the hills for a day or two.

I wrote about the little hike I took with some of my friends while we were in Haifa, you can read the story at this link at TCJewfolk. I really want to get out and do another one. During one of our discussions, another one of my classmates this year said that she misses the openness of Canada and how it is so easy to get out and wander in wide-open spaces.

Our group leader told us that there are some really nice places to hike just outside Jerusalem. Another one of my classmates went out to hike for a little while on the National Trail that actually cuts into Jerusalem. I don’t know which way I want to go. Maybe I’ll have the chance to do both. The bottom line is that I really need to get out and wander. Maybe sleep out under the stars, or maybe I just need to walk a few hours out until I decide to turn around and come back. Hey, it could make a really cool experience to write about.

Until then, I will keep looking out into the hills and wait to go for a hike.

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