Sunday, January 23, 2011


My mom always made these amazing cookies while I was in high school. I brought a lunch to school every day, and almost every day she put two or three of her cookies in my lunch. She baked them fresh on Sunday nights. I always referred to them as her "Kick-A$%" cookies and it was a bit of a running joke. She even made a cookie jar at one of those "Paint-A-Plate" places with that written as their name.

When I moved into my first college house, she gave me a recipe box with that as one of the recipes inside. It's been a while since I've had some of them, you know, that whole 13-hour flight issue. But she did send me the recipe on Facebook.

For the Ride 4 Reform, we are doing some bake-sales to raise money as a group (if you would like to make a donation to me as a rider, please visit the Ride4Reform Donations Site and include my name as the rider). So what do you think I decided to make? This time it was some Kick-A$% Cookies with a few modifications.

I know it's just a cookie recipe, but unless she says it's fine, I'm not going to publish it online, but I did make a few modifications. Instead of only regular chocolate chips, I decided to include chocolate and white "chocolate" chips. In a second batch, I decided to toss the chocolate chips into the mixture before the butter/sugar mixture had cooled down, making the entire batter chocolatey!

Enjoy the pictures, they taste as good as they look.

"White Chocolate" Chip
Chocolate Chip and "White Chocolate" Chip

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