Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Dead Sea

Look Moms, No Hands!
We tried to get to a beach that Marina's family went to on their trip to the Dead Sea. They had gone to Kalia Beach and said it was really nice. The site was not marked very well and we could never find exactly what we were looking for. Instead we went further south towards Mineral Beach Spa.

We checked this place out and for 45 sheck, we thought we could find something better. When we went a little further south on Route 90, we found the Ein Gedi Public Beach. After a quick glance over the property, we thought better of it and went back to the Mineral Beach Spa. It was a good choice.

For a locker, entry for two, and a towel it came to a total of 130 sheck. The mud was free because there was a space on the beach where we could take it right out of the ground. After thoroughly covering ourselves we walked a bit to let it cake on. After a few minutes we wadded out into the water, which was surprisingly not that cold. It's a strange sensation, you just kind of squat and lean backwards. The salt in the sea does the rest and you just float there.

The water starts to loosen the mud and there is a awesome sensation of smoothness as you brush it off.

Once we were completely mud free, Kaitlin went and got my camera so we could take the stereotypical picture of the two of us floating in the water. It's really cool to think that you don't need to do anything aside from sit there. But if you stay too long, you start to feel your skin drying and dehydration setting in. So after about fifteen or twenty minutes we washed ourselves off.

On the way up to the showers we saw a sign saying that they have a natural sulfur pool. It sounded like a great idea and decided to check it out. It was really warm and smelt like sulfur, there were some little white things floating in the pool too. It was all a part of the natural salty mineral water.

After floating in the water for fifteen to twenty minutes we showered off again. I really liked this place and would highly recommend this as a location to use if you're on a it of a budget. There are places that are much better and cost a lot more. If you are interested, there are some treatments that you can buy in addition to accessing the beach, but those are additional costs and we didn't really want to deal with that.

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  1. Hey! I have been to both of those beaches. And you definitely made the better choice! I loved the sulfur pools....I have never felt so smooth. Hmmmmm, wonder what that would do to my head???
    Nice to see the picture!