Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Shuk

On Wednesday after being in the old city all morning, we decided to go to the Shuk because this is something that you cannot miss if you are in Jerusalem. I've written about the craziness that happens in an earlier post. On a Wednesday night in the winter, the shuk is pretty empty and it was a lot of fun taking Kaitlin to all of the different places in it. We picked up some food that we needed for making a salad for Shabat dinner, some presents that Kaitlin wanted to bring for her family and some Marzipan desserts.

On the walk home she asked why I didn't do all of my shopping there. It was also totally work the 30+ minute walk it takes me to get to and from the Shuk. Not much more to say about it.

A final note is that we've been doing a daily "cat count" because they are like squirrels here (according to Kaitlin). We broke our earlier record of 26 by spotting 32 different cats. Over the course of the day. I wonder if we can do better than that.

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