Saturday, January 15, 2011


While I was in Sinai with Kaitlin it was strange that most business was done in English. While sitting at breakfast I heard people speaking, German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, a Scandinavian language I didn't recognize and some variants of Russian I didn't recognize. And these were just the ones that I thought I pick out. I'm sure there were more that I completely missed.

What continued to blow my mind was the fact that everyone could deal in some English. It is just incredible to me how many languages that other people in other countries know. It saddens me that I know English and a little Hebrew. I mean, I can function here in Israel with my Hebrew, but that only gets me so far in a small part of the world. I just wish that there would be a way for me to learn more languages.

I don't have the time, especially now. But I start thinking about why being bilingual at the very least isn't stressed in US schools. I mean, we don't EVEN have a national language. I'm not sure what I would propose to do about it. But I almost wish I could roll back time to learn another language in addition to Hebrew and American Sign Language.

I guess what happens when I turn my brain off school it turns on to other things that I start to think about. This is just one of those random thoughts I've had.

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