Saturday, January 22, 2011

Laundry Days

In our apartment is this tiny little washer and we don't have a dryer. Aside from the fact that it takes two loads to do a week's worth of clothing, it wasn't that bad trying to get laundry done, especially in the summer. It was really, really hot and it took only a few hours and maybe a whole day to dry everything off. It also helped being able to use our mirpeset (balcony) to dry everything off.

Since it has gotten colder, we've been using our drying rack inside our apartment. When it was really cold we had our heater on. I liked to put it near the drying rack to try to speed up the process. The problem that I didn't realize was that we still had all of our windows in the apartment closed at all times. I couldn't quite figure out why our towels and jeans took nearly forever to dry off. It just didn't makes sense.

I did notice a musty feel in the apartment and that some of my books started to warp. It really hit me when Kaitlin and I got back from Sinai. We decided to try something new. Instead of leaving the apartment sealed up, we decided to open the windows and keep the heaters running. I'm sure it runs a little more electricity, but I've noticed that it only takes a day or two to dry everything off.

It works so much better now and it only takes each of us a day or so to deal with al of our laundry opposed to having something drying every single day.


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  1. I big box fan or better yet dehumidifier will help while air drying on a laundry drying rack. This may save more energy than leaving a couple windows open. If you have a patio or porch you can always put your clothes outside they will dry even if it is not warm.