Thursday, July 8, 2010

You Really Shuk Me

I just got back from the Shuk. That is an interesting experience. First of all, it is a pretty long walk from school, which is 25 minutes from the apartment. You see, with the hills of Jerusalem, everything takes a lot longer than anticipated. Since I had yet to actually go grocery shopping, I went to the Shuk, market, so I can get vegetables for the salad that I'm making tomorrow.

If you have never been there, it is complete organized chaos. Little stands lining both sides of a covered street. Fans blowing, people pushing and shop keepers screaming at the top of their lungs about what they are selling. It is so crowded that at least twice my toes got rolled over by someone's shuk cart. For all of the people waddling and pushing their way through the street, it is well worth a visit. The prices are fantastic. 6 sheckels for 100g of spices, 10 pitot for 5 sheckels. The food is incredibly cheap and incredibly fresh. I have no idea how much I spent, but I got a lot of food, herbs and olive oil for pretty cheap.

The downside was walking back. Since I hadn't planned on going to the shuk today, I didn't bring our shuk cart. Mistake. Walking back to our apartment at 2:30 in the afternoon with a backpack full of food and water was a little tough. But this was totally worth it.

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