Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogging at TCJewfolk

I mentioned in a blog a few posts back that I had been approached to write every so often for a Minneapolis website that tied together local, twenty-something, Jews. I sent in my first post to them a few days ago and they ran it today. I am excited to see the response that it receives. After looking through it a few times I realized that there are some minute errors in my writing, but I hope that people enjoy what I'm writing and that I will have a chance to continue to write for them through the rest of the year and maybe even into the future.

I'm sure you're wondering, "Why should I read something else you're writing?" There will be subtle differences between this blog and the one on TCJewfolk. The blog I will be writing for them will focus on what it is like as a twenty-something from Minneapolis to pickup and move to Jerusalem and start rabbinic school. This blog will continue to focus more on my daily happenings and the other one will focus on how my Minnesota background and my development as a Reform Jew.

I also want to thank TCJewfolk for asking me to write for them and I hope you check out their site for information about Jews around Minneapolis.

Post number one "Born in Minneapolis, Blogging from Jerusalem" is up already.


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