Sunday, July 4, 2010

Travel Log

This trip was very uneventful in comparison other flights I had. The trip between Minneapolis and Philadelphia was fast and pleasant. I merely read a lot and we were on the ground shortly. It took a long time for my guitar to come out from the gate check, but with a four-hour layover it's not like I was in much of a hurry. The time came in handy sine the airport is very large in Philadelphia. But there were a bunch of places that I could sit and eat and hang out to make some phone calls and read some more.

When we were about to take off, it was very pretty. The sun had just started to set and there was a dull orange splitting the night sky from the daytime. Then as we climbed higher in the sky, the colors separated into a bright rainbow. Being that it was the 3rd of July, of course there were fireworks. Not quite as cool as I would have thought, but it was still nice to see them going off celebrating the holiday.

On the ground, I got through customs and passport control without major issues and met up with a friend from camp TEKO, who gave me a ride down to Tel Aviv. It is really cool to see some of the history lining the side of the road to Jerusalem. We got to the apartment and unloaded all my stuff that I brought for the year. The place is a lot nicer than I thought, even after seeing it on Skype the other day.

I met a bunch of the other students and we hung out at someone's apartment before heading home. Right now I have most of my stuff put away. I'm exhausted and heading to bed. Maybe I won't have to deal with jet lag tomorrow.

Shalom from Jerusalem

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