Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coffee Snob

For those of you that know me well, you will know that I am basically addicted to coffee. Not that I'm complaining about that. I love coffee. I love the flavor, I love the varieties and I love the experience of sitting and enjoying a good cuppa. In fact, one of my best memories from when I was traveling in Spain is from having a good cup of espresso, poured over ice with a little milk and sugar over the top. I was hoping to find a place to have that same experience here in Israel. So far, I don't know that is going to happen.

The standard coffee here is just a cup of boiled water with instant coffee mixed in. This is very hard for me to grasp.

Instant Coffee
For my apartment, I bought a cheap brand, Elite. I have been told there is better so I will have to try again, but this coffee is really really bad. It really is coffee flavored water with caffeine. The only way that I can begin to enjoy it is to "ruin" it with sugar and milk. I know, it's a coffee snob sin to add milk to a cup of coffee. But that's the only way it is tolerable.

Beit Shmuel
Attached to the HUC - JIR Campus is a hotel called Beit Shmuel. Inside they have a coffee and sandwich shop. Although the food is great, it's really a hit and run place to grab a cup and run. The only time I have bought something from them I wanted to have something substantial to drink. I had them prepare me an Americano. I was really unimpressed. The espresso didn't taste that good and even watered down with hot water there was a sharpness to the taste. It was also very expensive as a cup of coffee, especially for how mediocre it was.

The Moadon
At school there is a Moadon that is operated by adults with special needs. I completely support the operation and the other day I found out that they make a double espresso for only 5 shek. Great price and not to mention that the espresso was pretty drinkable. Not fantastic but the best I've had so far. Especially because it's at school and supports a good cause, I think this is where I'm going to be getting a kick when I need it.

Cafe Joe
This place is very similar to Starbucks. I really liked the atmosphere, an outdoor seating area that has some large tables. The Americano that I got there was pretty good. Not the best price in the world, but I noticed on the menu that they sell a pot of filtered coffee. I was there with Leah to study for our Hebrew test Tuesday afternoon. Not bad, but not great. Today I did have an iced mocha. I will say again, it is very Starbucks-esque. But not terrible.

Between the Moadon and Cafe Joe, I think I found the places that I will enjoy, but I don't think it's going to be anything close to the experience I had in Spain. I just can't wait to get home to have a well brewed cup of coffee.

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