Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beer Festival

I can't believe I forgot about the Beer Festival!!!

So on Wednesday night there was a beer festival. Tons of local bars had various kinds of beers and they were offering some very small samples and have some decent beers to drink. It was a lot of fun.

New beers I tried? I actually don't remember all of them that I had but here were some of the ones I really liked;

Chimay, Dark Kozel and the third one that I bought a full beer of I don't remember the name at all. It was something very flavorful as a doppelbock, they had another version that was really weak. This one was from Germany and there were a lot of letters that I just don't remember how they were arranged. I know if I see it again, it will don on me. And no it has nothing to do with the quantity that I don't remember the name of it. It will come to me eventually.

I had a great time with everyone tasting six or seven different drinks.

Just one more experience that we have had in Jerusalem.

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