Monday, August 23, 2010

Me? A Choir Boy?

I've played musical instruments since I was 11 years old. I always enjoyed singing, but I didn't want to be one of those kids that was in choir and in band. That would have been way to much music for high school. What I didn't realize back then was how much fun it really is to sing.

My last year in college I needed to fill out my schedule and took a singing class and I have to say that it payed off so far. I was approached by one of the cantorial students to sing with them during the High Holy Days. While I am not claiming to have a great voice, I jumped at the chance to sing and to hopefully learn from these very talented students while I have the chance to sing with them.

I had so much fun on Sunday in the first rehearsal, but I also found my limitations, where there are quite a few. For example certain notes at the bottom of the Bass Clef and below the staff are a little tough to hit correctly. Certain high pitches tend to fall a little flat. I also have a hard time looking at a note and putting the specific pitch into my head to get it though my voice.

Luckily I had talked to Dave, one of the School of Sacred Music (SSM) students about this on Wednesday night last week. His advice was to just play around with a guitar or piano, pick a pitch on the staff and try to hit it with my voice. Eventually I won't need the guitar. I played around with this exercise a little bit this afternoon. While I don't know if I've actually improved, I'm having a lot of fun with it and can't wait for the next chance to learn, practice or rehearse.


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