Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random Brain Droppings

So our house in Haifa is slowly waking up at 9:45 in the morning. Surprise! I guess I'm now a morning person. When did that happen?

So I just wanted to share a few random nuggets from the last few days. Things that didn't really fit into the flow of a story.

1) There was a very cute couple at Or Chadash celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. It was very very sweet to see them standing there together. I hope I make it to that point in my life with someone that I still glow while standing next to them.

2) I need to keep working on my Hebrew. The hard part is just sitting down and doing it. I really just need to use the language and stop worrying about all of the mistakes I will make. This means I need to chill with Israelis more often than I have been.

3) I'm giving in on Fantasy Football. I wasn't planning on playing, or caring at all about football anymore, but it's the end of August and it only feels right to be looking at statistics and mock drafts. Oh where or where did my will power go?

4) Beha'i is an interesting faith. We learned a lot about them at the gardens yesterday and they are very interesting too me. I want to learn more about their actual practices and about them as a people. They have a solid, universal message. But I want to learn about their actual practices.

5) I still have a major aversion to cabs and busses. I was trying to explain it to friends the other day. My real issue is that I would just rather take care of getting somewhere myself, on my own two legs. I feel like I get to know a city better on foot and it's healthier. I dunno.

6) Pick your battles. While at dinner with the host family last night, it was really interesting to talk to some of the people my age. One of the daughters was very anti-Arab. Being in the army, this is an understandable position. Although she was in the minority of the people at the table expressing that opinion, it was a good chance to pick your battles. Not worth arguing with her at that point. The same goes for when a very conservative Jew stops you on the street and asks if I have wrapped T'fillin. Instead of arguing on the street, or telling them that I don't want to do it, it's just a lot easier for me to say, I did it this morning.

7) Taglit doesn't count. I used to want to count Taglit as visiting Israel. It was a great chance to see a lot of the country and to come here for free. I would reccommend it for anyone who wants to come here. But for myself, it doesn't really count. It's not the same as getting a chance to live here. I need to work more to get outside the HUC bubble, but I really think it's tough to get a feel for what Israel really is on Taglit. It could have been my experience on Oranim that was like this. It could also be that I'm getting a chance to be here in a much different capacity. I think I may stop counting it as previous Israel experience.

8) I miss Joselynn. I brought my guitar, Callie (the mellow, soft toned, Ibanez Classical Guitar) to Israel with me. I miss Joselynn. Callie is too quiet, and not as much fun to play. Maybe I need to have someone come out here with a guitar for me and send the other one home.

That's all for now.

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