Saturday, August 14, 2010

Challah From Scratch

I don't think it's my recipe to give away this time, but I emailed my mom asking her for her challah recipe. I just wanted to make some that reminded me of home. If you're wondering this is a very simple break recipe. It takes a little while to get things going and letting the dough rise and re-rise. By looking at the pictures I am providing here, you can tell there is a trick to getting the braids to work out the right way.

After preparing the dough I made a four-braided-challah. That did not work very well. The challah plumped up a little better but it's not that easy to make a 4-braided challah. For the second challah, I made a five-braid. This one worked a lot better and the rolls ended up turning out really well.

I love Zatar. It is a great spice to toss on just about anything. So I figured, why not?
Mom also suggested to put it on there, presumably because she knows how I feel about this flavor.

It worked really well and I loved the taste of both of the Challot. She did leave instructions on how to make sure that the Challah rises better and gives a more airy texture. I will do that next time. Shabbat Shalom.

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