Sunday, September 26, 2010

HUC Campus

Since very few of my family and friends will be able to actually visit HUC while I'm here, I thought I'd give you a virtual tour of campus. I didn't take a lot of pictures inside buildings since they're pretty standard rooms. Join me on a walk through HUC-JIR Jerusalem.

On my way to school, I come to King David, this is HUC from across the street.

Looking up the stairs is the Administration Building. To your left, after the first staircase, is an entrance that is only open when services are open to the public.

If you go in through the synagogue entrance, you walk into the back of the Mustein Synagogue.

Leaving the Administration building there are some stairs that take you down to the main courtyard. Across the courtyard on the right is the Abramov Library, straight ahead is the Archeology Building and in between the two the Skirball Museum. Follow the video into the courtyard.

This is the main courtyard, after you go down the stairs towards our library, this is our view.

From the museum you walk down a long hallway towards the academic courtyard where the majority of the classrooms and offices for our professors are.

On the left and right are the rooms. You can see a pretty nice fountain in the middle. When the weather was nicer they had water flowing through it.

From the left of the picture, there is a staircase that takes you down to what they call the student's courtyard. It's a nice spot that most of us sit in our shorter breaks.

On the right side in the student's courtyard is the Moadon, the cafe and all purpose room that we use all the time. The courtyard is really nice though.

To get to this spot, you have to walk a decent way up from the Student's Courtyard and head towards the main courtyard. Instead of going back up to the Administration building though, take a right and you find yourself in another little garden behind the Admin Building.

From that garden, you take these steps back up. You can see the Admin Building towards the back of the picture.

That about does it for campus. I hope that's enough so you can get a feel for what the place is like.

I hope you liked school!

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  1. Not that I'm surprised at all, but the HUC campus is gorgeous!

    p.s. You still owe me pictures of the nutty parking jobs on the sidewalk :)