Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pizza Panini

Before I even start this blog, I will say that the pizza here is nothing like a good slice from Mesa or a from a random pizza place on a NYC corner. As far as an Israeli pizza place though, Panini is awesome! They don't use a lot of sauce on the pizzas, but they always have a bunch of random toppings on their ready to go pizzas.

Tonight I had the regular cheese and a green olive slice. They could use a little more cheese to pull out the flavor, but it's a great blend of cheeses. To go on top of their standard toppings, they have a good selection of spices that you can put on top, zatar and panini spices are some of the random ones that I've thrown on the top a few times. They also have a great spicey sauce that you can drizzle on your pizza too.

The bad part is that the place is on my way home from just about anywhere, it's on Derech Azza at the corner of Ramban, actually just a few minutes walk from my house. I actually haven't stopped there to many times, but I'm always tempted.

One of the "owners", Yaakov, is awesome! He likes to deliver to people and chat them up. He mentioned casually that he works in real estate. What a great way to check out other people's apartments, right? I think he's an ex-Pat American and he seems to like the HUC students. He was telling us one night, the night before our Ulpan final, that he had delivered to a few other study parties. I'm definitely a fan on this spot. If you come visit me, we're stopping here for sure.

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