Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Since school started today, I don't know how much free time I will be having to write about random things that I'm doing. I'm not sure how exciting this whole semester is actually going to be. To spice things up a little bit I'm going to take pictures and write about some of the great places I've visited to eat. For those of you in Israel, this could be boring since you may have shown me this place or eaten there with me.

So here goes the first one;


Everyone on Ben Yehudah will tell you about Moshiko and how great their falafel is. One night I was wandering the area with Brian and Marina. This guy who works at Hamarosh stopped us with three fresh falafel balls and said to try it. Wow! I don't even know how many times I've been back to this place it is fantastic.

If they are not that busy, they will give you a taste of their falafel. It's the right kind of dry with really good spices. Their Charif (spicy) is really good and is not that spicy. For you Minnesotans, this is good news.

Their T'chinah is also very flavorful and adds so much to the hummus and charif. They have a multitude of salads that affect the flavor in different ways. At this point I can't tell you what is exactly in each of them since I have a hard time remembering their hebrew names. One is a cabbage, one is like a cole slaw and there are a few others.

My personal favorite is to always add the chamutzim (pickles) towards the top so I can have them with their freshly fried cheeps (french fries). I usually get it on Laffa bread, which is like a thinner pita that wraps like a burrito. It's thicker than a burrito and costs more than if you get just a pita. I say it's worth is because I like the doughy texture of the laffa over a dried pita taste. That's just me though and the pita is pretty good too.

If you're in Jerusalem, this is the best main-stream falafel I've had from a major place. You can probably find hole in the wall stuff that's better (like the random square in the old city that I might be able to find if you gave me a day), but for your money and time's sake, check out Hamarosh. It's at the bottom of Ben Yehudah Street, near Yaffo and Kikar Tzion (Zion Square).

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