Monday, September 6, 2010

Over Two Months

Today is Labor Day.
Back home this marks the end of the Minnesota State Fair.
Minnesota schools start tomorrow.
Summer starts to feel like it is over.
As usual the Twins are making a run at the playoffs.
The Vikings are overly optimistic.
The Gopher football team is almost eliminated from Big 10 Championship contention.

In Jerusalem, we are getting ready for the High Holy Days.
The school year is almost a week old.
And I've been here for about two months.

All I can say is that this year has already been amazing. Between the great friendships I've been making with colleagues, the meaningful conversations and the great experiences I've had so far. I still miss things about home. I don't want to wish this year away, and I'm doing all I can to enjoy every moment of this year. But what I wouldn't give for a Chipotle Burrito Bowl or a jog around Lake Calhoun.

Now, back to the books.

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