Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There are some very confusing intersections in Jerusalem and about 9 minutes away from my house is one of the craziest intersections I've seen. Azza, Rambam, Balfour, Ramban, King George V, Karen HaYesod and Gershon Agron all meet together within 50 feet of each other (not to mention the square that sits in the middle of all of that). So I can't really tell you where Restobar is, but if you can find that intersection, it's pretty hard to miss from there. I think it's officially on Azza... meh.

You need to know this because if you're in Jerusalem on Shabbat and want to go to a restaurant, this is one of the few places that I know are open. Aside from an interesting atmosphere, there is nothing THAT special about place. The food is really tasty, and there is a good variety.

I really enjoyed the hamburger I ate there. They grind their beef in house, so I felt comfortable asking them to cook it medium instead of medium well. Their salads are good and I had an awesome dessert while Kaitlin was here visiting me.

The prices are a little on the high side, but nothing outrageous for the taste of the food. What really like is the layout of the restaurant. It's a combination bar and restaurant (hence the name) and more often than not, I've eaten at the bar. And it doesn't feel like you're sitting at a dive-bar, it just works.

There are some really fun, engaging staff and some that are all business. If you're looking for a change and somewhere nice-ish to sit down, check out Restobar. But especially on shabbat, call for a reservation.

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