Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Service Project

A few weeks ago the Parallel Lives group I'm a part of this year went to a young adult center called GalGal. They are a place for young adults (18-26) to go to take a shower, get some food and connect with counseling if they want. We thought that it would be a good opportunity for us to give service to the community in Jerusalem.

The group of us went to the center and learned a little bit about the and the work that they do. Then we got started.

We were divided into groups and given different tasks for us to work on. I ended up in a group of people that were scrubbing the tiles in one of the bathrooms after they painted it. It took our entire two hours of service to clean up the room we worked on. Other groups were painting other rooms, cleaning out trash, moving tiles and sweeping out the dirt.

After the evening that we spent cleaning out the place, we broke into groups for a little discussion about service and how it plays a role in Judaism as well as our different cultures. We had a very meaningful discussion about it and I learned about a place that I can donate blood here and to continue to help the communities around here.

It was a great evening and I'm glad that I had the chance to donate my time to a worth project.

In addition to the Parallel Lives group I'm working with, I'm also working on the Ride4Reform to raise money for the IMPJ. If you are able to donate to that cause, please follow the link on the side of my blog.

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