Saturday, February 5, 2011


I know that I'm not going to get any sympathy from anyone reading this in North America. They're having a brutal winter. But I honestly miss it, this is not winter at all and I'm a bit sick of it.

In January we finally started to see the "fall foliage". Some of the trees were showing yellow and browns. Some of the trees were shedding their leaves and it felt a bit like fall. But it was a few months late.

We had a few days of rain but it hadn't been nearly enough at the start of the winter. This is a scary thought because it would ruin the Israeli agriculture for the next year. But in the last week or so the "real winter" hit us. By that I mean, here comes the rain. It rains just about every day and the soggy cold is just annoying.

I have a twenty minute walk to and from school and in the rain it is just miserable. Wind in my face half of the walk to school and half of the walk home. Yeah, the temperature is still a decent 50 something Fahrenheit, but in the rain and wind that's pretty miserable. And here is the kicker, these buildings are not made to hold heat.

Our apartment doesn't have central heating, most of them don't have that here. So the only way to get relief from the chill is to sit near a heater that is running. Luckily we have three space heaters in our apartment, one for each of the larger rooms in the place. The problem with that is our wiring. The wiring in this apartment seems to be pretty poorly done.

We can't have two heaters on and turn on the electric tea-kettle or the water heater in order to take a shower. We're not really using that much electricity at one time, except that the heaters are such an energy hole. More on that on a later post.

On top of that, I have a wicked cold that will not go away.

I don't get sick that often, so this is pretty annoying. I have a congested nose thing and a cough every morning. It takes a cup of tea along with my coffee to clear myself up in the morning. To say nothing for trying to get ride of the headache. Ugh. I just want the cold in my body to go away along with this disgusting chill outside.

Man I miss real winter.

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