Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stekiat Tzidkiyahu

Feeling hungry?
Then you need to check out Stekiyat Tzidikyahu.

Located near Talpiyot this place is a must do if you are in Jerusalem. My favorite thing to oder is their meal that comes with two skewers of a meat. I'm a big fan of the Kabob and the Chicken Breast skewers, but I've not heard anyone complain about the flavor of the food.

With your meal comes stacks upon stacks of salads and Laffa Bread. Usually we order a side of Hummus for good measure. I say you need to bring your appetite because the salads are bottomless. The servers continue to bring you more salads until it looks like you're done eating. The salads are incredible. There is a very acidic greens salad, cole slaw, tahini, babaganush, eggplant something or other, carrots, french fries and other salads that I don't even know what they are, but they taste really good!

For under 100 shekels per person, you get so much food and it is really really tasty. I would suppose that for a meat lover, you will really enjoy the experience.

To make the place even better, the server/host that has helped us every time I've eaten there is hilarious. He has a great attitude, and he is really friendly. He took pictures for us, cracked jokes and gave us a really hard time. But it was all in good fun.

Seriously, this place is awesome. Although slightly on the pricey side for a plate, it is absolutely worth it.

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